Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau


We believe that an informed public is essential to fighting climate change: those who understand the gravity of the crisis will support action. Our presenters are professionals from various fields who can speak to your group on any level. If you have a preferred style of presentation, we can accommodate it. Some of our speakers like to present to religious groups, others reach out to business, youth, civic, or professional organizations. Let us know what you need.

Reach us at speakers@350Seattle.org

A Non-depressing Talk on Climate Change

Lynn Fitz-Hugh, coordinator of 350 Seattle, has given a number of presentations in the Seattle area.  Lynn speaks mostly to church and academic groups, with a focus on positive ideas for dealing with climate change and what people can do.

Plant for the Planet (adult organizer for youth audiences)

Michael Foster works with children from 8-14, preparing them to be “climate justice ambassadors”, through his local chapter of a worldwide campaign. He speaks to and works with kids (to teach them to be climate justice ambassadors).

Plant for the Planet (youth and adult organizers for adult audiences)

Carbon Generation – have you ever wondered how to talk to your grown-ups about climate change? Bring them with you to this talk where we’ll hear from a young student ambassador for climate change and from a grown-up (Michael Foster), to learn about the science, impacts, and solutions. And how, as young and old, we address the most important challenge humanity has ever faced.

Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project presents:

Solving the Climate Crisis: These speakers examine the background, science, and real-world evidence of the climate crisis, focusing in particular on what’s been going on in the past few years.  Theirs is a clear call to action for what we need to do now to solve the climate crisis.

Speakers include:

  • Jeremy Stone
  • Sonja Price
  • Howard Langeveld
  • David Miller
  • Donna Albert

Global War and Global Warming

A Tribute to the Greatest Generation: James Eachus, PhD, weaves together stories from World War II with contemporary climate change struggles.  Tales of intrigue, tragedy, and triumph from the past lead to warnings and solutions we can use today.

The Trans-Pacific Partnership

Randy Mandell explains the treaty that’s been called “NAFTA on steroids”!  The Trans-Pacific Partnership is currently being negotiated in secret, and leaked information about its terms suggest devastating effects on environmental legislation.  Fast-track approval in the United States Senate would lead to an irreversible commitment with no public scrutiny or input.


Lynn Fitz-Hugh discusses the opportunity for churches, colleges, pension funds, and small investors to fight climate change by removing financial support from the fossil fuel industry.

Warming Solutions

This presentation surveys the core mitigation solutions: weakening the fossil fuel lobby, putting a price signal on carbon emissions, and enacting state and national laws to drive the mass deployment of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and a smart grid.

Check out the workgroup Sustainable Solutions!